How F'cked Up Are You?


Ok I get alot of email. Frankly I also get some hate mail from crackpots from time to time and people who just have nothing better to do then hate on anyone who sees things from a different point of view. So when I got an email from Warner Brothers with the topic 'How F'cked up are You?', I read it pretty quick thinking to myself how angry does a studio have to get to almost put F*CK in the subject :) But in all seriousness WB is a great studio who have to this point always treated our fan site with great respect and we love em. The email was about a brand new FaceBook Application for Funny Games called.... “HOW F**KD UP ARE YOU?,”

Do you derive pleasure from the misery of others? When you see someone trip, does it make you smirk? Introducing “HOW F**KD UP ARE YOU?,” the “Funny Games” Facebook Application.

Are your friends even more demented? Always wanted to know about the creepy guy in the cubicle next to you? If you need help sorting through the Twisted Freaks & the Nihilists that are your friends and loved ones, then be sure to send it to them!

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