Rue Morgue Issue 75 Review


As a new addition to the site I will now be reviewing all of the Rue Morgue magazines that are released. I know there are some Fangoria die hards out there so maybe these reviews will maybe open your eyes to see that their are plenty more horror magazines out there besides your beloved Fangoria.

This week with issue seventy-five they have chosen to go with Sweeney Todd as the cover. Now I have noticed recently that they have been making some curious choices for the cover as when not long ago they went with the Halloween Remake as well. I kind of got that same feeling when I got this one in the mail. Anyhow onto the good stuff inside.

The first bit on the cover story is a nice interview with Tim Burton. The man always comes across as though he just so happened to fall into filmmaking. He is an interesting character to say the least. He talks about his love for the theatrical play, how he got Johnny Depp involved and even talks about a Vincent Price documentary that he has been working on. Next in the Sweeney coverage is a one page write up on the stage play followed by a little bit about the "true story" of the "Nightmare on Fleet Street".

Nex up is a great article and probably my favorite this month about George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead. Now if you haven't read a Romero interview before he is one of the nicest, most down to earth guys around. He mentions Land of the Dead and exactly why he decided to take on Diary of the Dead so quickly after Land. As with Burton, the Romero interview is borken up by articles about other zombie projects. The first of which is The Signal. To be honest I wasn't looking forward to this film until I read this article. They did their homework and I was interested to discover something I had completely looked over. The Signal is actual three stories intertwined by three different directors. An interesting endeavor. The next little piece was on that CBS television show Babylon Fields. I had recently been wondering what happened to it and it sounds like they are still hoping that someone else will pick up the pilot. A very interesting read about the series which really delves into what the show is actually about.

A lot of times people on the boards here ask me about what Horror Conventions are near them or what film festivals they should hit up. Well Rue Morgue has done a mighty fine job of rounding up all of them in one spot. They don't always catch them all but they do one hell of a job getting most of the big conventions that are going down. A great piece for all of you horror fans that need to know what is going on in your area. Also they did a year in review where they award "Best Feature", "Best Soundtrack" and "Most Anticipated in 2008" among other things.

This is also the first month I got to read "IT Came From Bowen's Basement" article. Chris Alexander announced a couple months ago that his article would no longer be appearing and I was not happy to see him go. But after reading what John W. Bowen has carved into the magazine I am more than pleased with Alexanders replacement.

Besides some of those great articles they do a ton of movie, CD, novel and video game reviews. You may not always agree with what reviews they give, they always back it up with something that you can at least see where they are coming from. Its never just a "I didn't like this movie" or a mud slinging contest with Rue Morgue.

This issue will actually be on store shelves all throughout February as they take off the month. So this will allow you enough time to pick up a copy. As always at the end of February we will be giving you a sneak peek at the cover and the contents. To pick up this issue you can hit up your local Barnes & Noble or take a trip to the Rue Morgue Official Website and order yourself a copy.    

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