Uwe Boll SEED Review


Some of the best reviews on this site are written by you readers. Yesterday Dog posted a review of Uwe Bolls Seed. I encourage you to give it a read if your thinking about seeing Seed. Its not good news! According to the US Federal law, if a death row inmate gets the electric chair and survives three jolts of 15,000 volts each for 15 seconds, he gets to go free. Sam Seed (Sanderson) has been the latest death row inmate to get the chair, and the first to survive three jolts.

The execution will be delivered by Warden Wright (Moeller). After three attempts to electrocute, complete with boiling blood that seeps from his eyes, he’s still alive. The executioner, Wright & the doctor collectively agree, that the breathing Seed be pronounced dead. He is bound and buried alive. After biting & clawing his way to the surface, Seed, the blood soaked, enraged madman, is now bent on vengeance.


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