Bad Blood Looking for Distributor


A while back I got an email from the fine folks behind the movie Bad Blood and because of my ear infection never had a chance to share the details with you guys. So without further ado here is what they had to say;

Hello out there in Horror Movie Land! A Chiller Conundrum we hope you can all help us resolve! Our Film, BAD BLOOD is looking for Horror aficionados, Press, and a daring Distributor to give us wings and prove that a plausible, yet eerie Thriller, filled with talented, gorgeous young actors, and book-ended by the Legendary Piper Laurie, and the versatile and talented Actor/Director Conrad Janis can find a huge audience out there.

With the trend towards cheap-looking, unrealistic, grainy, obvious rehashes of the classic Genre Films, we wanted to expand our audiences and  create another kind of Horror, more subtle yet just as shattering, and with a Film Noir/Technicolor-like palette that allows you, the audience to actually see the pupils of a Victim Dilate in Fear...A place where Terror is served up piping hot at Millie's (Piper Laurie) Cherry Pie Eating Contest and Barbecue, and where Lawrence, (Conrad Janis') dark thoughts are never reflected in his seemingly benign smile."

Checkout the trailer below and leave some comments for them.

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