Jessica Alba talks The Eye


The Eye (2008) Movie DetailsJessica Alba sat down and talked to MoviesOnline about her role in The Eye. Some interesting points that came up were the fact she saw the original movie but wanted to give her own spin on the character;

I definitely did my own interpretation.  I appreciated her take and how stoic she was and sort of quiet her performance was.  But, she comes from an Eastern way of looking at ghosts.  It’s kind of a part of the culture, the mysticism and it’s a little more accepted and, in Western culture it’s like crazy and ludicrous and it’s like you’re losin’ your frickin’ mind.  There’s no way.  So, we sort of approached it with more of a Western mentality about it where everyone thinks she’s going crazy and she starts to question her own sanity.  

The other interesting thing is because of the contacts she wore she truly was blind making the movie. They didnt take the contacts in and out since it was to much work so she spent her days being wheeled around the set and quite literally blind.

I couldn’t see at all. On the set they didn’t really want me walking around so I had to get taken in a wheelchair everywhere. There’s cables and plywood and cameras.

Go give the entire interview a read here: Jessica Alba Interview, The Eye

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