Jason Biggs In Hell Pilot


We caught up with Jason Biggs in LA and he told us about his upcoming project called 'In Hell' which is a TV show that he is hoping will get picked up. He told us quote;

It was called "I’m In Hell”, or it IS called "I’m In Hell” and it’s me and David Cross and Erika Christensen. I am basically an ass from the corporate world and I die and go to hell. Basically hell is full. There’s no more room in hell. I am part of a pilot program of hell on earth (laughter) and I am sent to Akron, Ohio (more laughter) and David Cross is my hell emissary, you know, he’s just a guy that’s kind of making life shitty for me. It’s just basically me living out my days in Akron , Ohio, hell on earth.

The premise sounds great to me! Here is hoping it gets picked up by somebody like Showtime and we get a really great show similar to DEXTER!

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