SAW 4 Game 'Trapped'

Dallas-based Blockdot has released “Trapped,” a horrifyingly exciting game based on the hit movie Saw IV — now available on DVD!

“Trapped” brings players face-to-face with a wicked scenario: two men imprisoned in separate rooms by Jigsaw — marked for almost certain death! Once inside the game, you face the difficult task of freeing them from their gruesome captivity. To do this, you must place the correct object (such as a hose or a wrench) in the correct room in the correct order. Make the wrong move, however, and the captives will be killed in unbearably painful ways!

Nervous? Get over it: If the game clock ticks down to zero before you work is done, no one will make it out alive! Those brave enough to enter the Jigsaw Killer’s terrifying world should visit

Good luck — and be sure to tell your next of kin about “Trapped!”
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