Death Track aka Death Race Game Cometh!


505 Games today announced that it will publish the European release of Death Track: Resurrection, the successor to the legendary Deathtrack, considered by many as the founder of the modern combat racing genre. Developed by SkyFallen Entertainment, Death Track: Resurrection is due to release on PC in early 2008 and will be published under the new 1C Label.

Death Track: Resurrection is a racing/action title set in the not too distant future where traditional sports have been replaced and a new, violent entertainment rules. The attention of the world’s population is drawn to the main event of the year, ‘The Survival Race’, the biggest and most brutal race on the calendar. This is a world tournament that takes place in the largest cities across the globe and attracts the most powerful vehicles and world-renowned drivers on the circuit. Spectacular road battles and insane driving keeps the crowds screaming for more and the lure of fame and fortune attracts more rookie drivers every race.

You are one such rookie who enters the tournament for the first time. Soon enough it becomes clear that the battle on the track is not always a fair one and to achieve top results you must use every ounce of driving skill and every weapon at your disposal. On your way to the top you’ll have to win treacherous races and brutal battles, eliminate all who stand in your way and bear witness to great treachery. Do you have what it takes to survive?

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