Watch Sunshine Away Episode 1


A brand new online horror series has hit and we have episode #1 for your viewing pleasure. The story goes like this; Sunshine Away is the dark story of a troubled young writer named David Smith. We enter as David is struggling to piece his life back together after a tragedy has driven him to attempt suicide.

David emerges as a successful traveling journalist rejuvenated by the well received publication of a book based on his personal odyssey His life has seemingly begun anew since he has accepted a job at a literary magazine in the small New England town of Earle. Here, David meets Molly, who senses in him something behind the walls he`s raised around himself.

Sunshine Away is also the story of another young man named Andrew Grove, who, as a child has lost everything he knew and everything he loved to a jealous man. Andrew has shut himself off from the world, losing all sense of purpose. His circumstances have made him an object of fascination in the community. David and Andrew share a bond born of these morbid circumstances. And finally, Sunshine Away is about a broken town. A rotten town named Earle with secrets that are guaranteed to destroy those involved. It`s a hell that Andrew embraces but that David finds himself burning in the midst of.

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