New Sha Po Lang Movie Images

This looks to be one of the best martial arts films to come out in awhile. Besides Hero of course, but technically that wouldn't count because Hero offcially came out in 2002. Anyway, Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen are teaming up for this fantastic looking film about two cops (Donnie Yen and Simon Yam) and a crime lord (Sammo Hung). Simon Yam is raising a kid, the sole survivor of his family that was wept out by the crime lord years ago. Donnie Yen is hunting down a hitman (Wu jing, former Chinese wushu champion) and the trail leads him to the crime lord as well.

Its due out in China in November so we will have to wait and see if any companys scoop it up and bring it out here. The new images can be seen in Sha Po Lang photo album.

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