Brett Ratner to Direct The Wolf Man?!


Now Mark Romanek as the director for The Wolf Man was like a dream. He has great vision and really knows his craft. So when he left the production I was saddened by the news but I knew that he had probably left a lot of material for the next director to kind of just jump in and make a smooth transition.

All of that has just gone out the window if the news from AICN is true. Apparently Universal is thinking about hiring Brett Ratner to direct a period piece! Yea.. The Wolf Man! One of the very few classic characters that Universal built their company on. They are now going to put that franchise into the hands of the man who directed Rush Hour 3! Has the world gone mad!

I mean OK.. I'm not one of those people who REALLY dislike Ratner but come on. The Wolf Man is the farthest thing from what Ratner is good at. Do not put a $100 million horror period piece into the hands of Brett Ratner. Hopefully Universal will see the collective of fans banding together to stop this from happening. All we can do is wait.

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