First Images: Tokyo Gore Police

A while back we gave you information on an upcoming Asian film called The Machine Girl. I know many people were blown away by the sheer madness of that trailer, so now I come to you again with some images of whats sure to be another Asian cult film lovers wet dream. Coming soon is a film titled Tokyo Gore Police and is actually produced by the same guy who produced The Machine Girl and is set to be directed by first-time director Yoshihiro Nishimura. Despite being a first time directer, Nishimura is no stranger to the asian horror community as he co-wrote Uzumaki and was behind the special FX on films like "Meatball Machine" and "Exte: Hair Extensions". The action sequences are in the very talented hands of Versus star Tak Sakaguchi.

Tokyo Gore Police revolves around Ruka (played by Eihi Shiina of Audition fame). Ruka is a female police officer on a task force that is assigned to kill strange mutants created by a mad scientist called Key Man. She isnt after just mutants as she also seeks revenge for her father's death years ago, something that she strangely has in common with Key Man.

Fangoria recently visited the set of Tokyo Gore Police as filming rapped in Tokyo, and I must say they got their hands on some of the craziest set photos I have seen in a long time. It makes me wish I could have a trailer right now, but we will have to wait until March when it premieres at the
Yubari Fantastic Film Festival. And actually, the trailer is debuting in front of the world premiere of The Machine Girl. So with the trailer 2 months away and a release date likely to be until mid-year or later in Japan, for now we will have to survive on these still alone....but damn are they satisfying!

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