More Classic Horror Remakes Coming!


Well I know this always happens, a remake is announced and then we ask ourselves "What could they possibly remake now?". Well the answer came today from a Variety report that RKO has launched Roseblood Movie Co. which plans to remake eight classic Val Lewton horror flicks.

The slate includes "Lady Scarface," which will be written by Tom Puryear; "While the City Sleeps," which will be scripted by Shin Shimosawa and Jim Morris; "The Monkey's Paw," which will be scripted by Todd Farmer; and "The Seventh Victim," which doesn't yet have a writer.

The other films on the initial slate are "Bedlam," "Body Snatcher," "Five Came Back" and "I Walked With a Zombie," titles identified last year when RKO made a co-financing deal on the quartet with Twisted Pictures, the makers of the "Saw" films.

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