Elske McCain Hosting Exploitation DVDs!


I'm sure many of you are familiar with the BCI Eclipse line of "Welcome to the Grindhouse" lineup of DVDs. Well suspiciously they stopped releasing them just recently. This was because the studio behind Grindhouse seem to think that they own the rights now to the word "Grindhouse".

Well no worries. Actually this may be a good thing for the line because today Fresh Meat Vixen Elske McCain let us know that she will now be hosting a new line up of DVDs, "BCI is changing the dvd packaging and I have landed the job of hosting these double feature dvds! I am so excited about this, it is basically a dream come true for me. The new dvds will be titled "Exploitation Cinema" and you will be seeing them on the shelves by this summer. I expect you guys to buy them all, every single one of them! I really appreaciate all of the support you guys have given me. It means alot."

This is absolutely fantastic news for all fans of Elske's and the line up of DVDs that are going to be coming out. It's a win/win situation here folks! We wish Elske all the luck and we will be sure to let you guys know when the new DVD's will be available.

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