The Eye Remake Rules The Box Office... Almost


Despite lack luster reviews from two of our regular face, The Dude and Goon both gave it bad reviews.... it still managed to get the #2 spot in the box office this weekend. What beat it out? The Hannah Montana Tour in Theatres. The eye brought in $13million.  Jessica Alba plays a blind woman who is given sight but not without a cost. Soon she begins to have horrible visions and must discover whose retinas were transplanted for her. Checkout the two reviews below and if you have seen it yourself feel free to submit your own review;

TheDude's The Eye (2008) Review

The Eye is a remake of the Hong Kong scarefest, directed by two Frenchmen, that sets itself up for far too many "lost in translation" puns that , frankly, aren't worth coming up with. What we get is a...

Goon's The Eye (2008) Review

When I was first introduced to Asian cinema there wasn't too much that you could actually see. Most of it was either a blind buy of a bootleg DVD or renting The Eye. At the time I was getting into Asi...


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