Exclusive Storm Warning Clip


Genius just gave us an exclusive clip for Storm Warning. I watched this movie last night and have to say its genius! Its gorey its gruesome oh and its gorey. If you like people being ripped apart, eaten, and mutilated, all with a good story, this ones for you. Go checkout the clip! In case you missed it, MissKatonic one of our many fantastic members has submitted her Early Storm Warning Review

With a long absence from the horror genre since Urban Legend and Valentine, filmmaker Jaime Blanks' newest dip into the genre Storm Warning is headed straight to DVD. Storm Warning is being released by Dimension Extreme on February 5th, 2008.

Storm Warning centers around a young Melbourne couple whose boat outing goes awry when their engine fails and they wind up drifting into a mangrove swamp around French Island. They set off on foot looking for a phone and find an isolated farmhouse, where they invite themelves in only to have the three unhappy owners come home from a pub. Something tells me the owners aren't going to take it easy on them either.


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