Review of Zombie Flick 'The Stink of Flesh'

Just received via the mail a screener copy of The Stink of  Flesh and have to say this is a really good indie zombie movie. Is it a Romero masterpiece? No. Was it a crappy digital zombie indie flick? Hell no. To start let me give you the gist of what this movie is about.

Wandering the zombie wasteland, Matool (Kurly Tlapoyawa) survives by his wits and animal instinct, often employing his trusty hammer and gigantic nails to fend off the hordes of undead.  But when he is kidnapped by a mysterious couple, Matool must rely on an entirely different weapon in his arsenal to survive.

Written and directed by Scott Phillips (screenwriter of the cult classic 'Drive'), 'The Stink Of Flesh' is a no-holds-barred splatterfest featuring non-stop action, buckets of gore and awesome digital effects by Emmy award winning artist Steve Fong

The movie was quite well done. The acting was not sub par, and the effects were very well done. Considering this movie is an indie you really can sit back and be impressed by the look and feel of this movie. Right down to the packaging. Their was nothing half ass about this movies presentation.

The whole concept of living an alternative life style in a zombie apocalypse is not only funny but it makes The Stink of Flesh really stand out in the very crowded market of indie zombie films. It was very obvious that Scott Phillips spent time on his script. The story was cohesive, fun, and had many points that made you chuckle or shake your head. Although I wouldnt call this a gorey movie per say, the effects were well done, and their is plenty of blood, organs and zombie nailings. It was quite refreshing to watch an indie zombie movie that relied as much on plot as it did effects and just throwing in growling zombies.

The movie had a mix of fast moving and slow moving zombies, and the fast moving zombies were very well done. I also liked the tribute to George Romero by having blue skinned zombies in scenes. I am assuming this is a tribute, perhaps I am wrong, but regardless it appeared that way to me, and I thought it was very cool for those of us who are die hard Romero fans. In the same token Scott Philips stole nothing from Romero. His story, his cast, and his whole movie are unique, and a whole new twist on the Zombie genre.

The movie moved along nicely, with no points where you wished you had the remote control in your hand so you could skip ahead. The music and sound effects were especially well done in this movie. The audio editing is probably 50% of the reason this movie is so good. The one thing that really stands out in a movie is bad audio, and this movie had none of that.

The actor who played Nathan definitely has a career ahead of him. His ability to carry a scene, and actually be able to portray information throughout the movie without speaking or having assistance from objects in his scenes was a big addition to this movie. The woman who plays Sassy in the movie(the mentally challenged woman) did a fantastic job. I totally loved the "Dorthy" spin, all be it, it needed a bit more explanation.

By far the creepiest character in this movie was Bryan the little kid. He said nothing in the entire movie, and was the creepiest kid in ANY independent film I have seen. His character, and the acting job done by the Nathan character were two of the best acting jobs in a zombie indie ive seen in quite a long time. Combine that with Scotts talented crew, great effects, outstanding camera shots, and you have an indie zombie movie waiting to become a cult classic.

Overall this movie I give it a 8/10. It is not a blockbuster, but its not intending to be. Its not a Romero masterpiece, but a few more attempts by Scott Philips in this genre, and I am sure it will be close. The one point that really held against this movie was the weak ending. It didnt have me walking away annoyed, it just left me hoping it could have ended a bit different. It does however seem very open to a sequel.. so lets all stay tuned and see where it goes.

I think that this movie could easily be edited a bit, and have a few minor parts re-shot and become a classic zombie film. But that does not by any means mean that this movie is subpar. Compared to the last 10 zombie movies I have watched, this one is #1.

If you want to score a copy head over to the official site You can also email me and see if you can con me out of my copy at



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