Joan Collins In Cowboys for Christ


The Sunday Herald is reporting that Joan Collins will replace Vanessa Redgrave in the role of Lady Delia Morrison. They also revealed that shooting is now schedueled to begin on April 10 and will take place in some of the same Dumfries locations in the original, The Wicker Man. Robin Hardy also plans to shoot in Moniaive and at Kinmont House, as well as the City Chambers in Glasgow.

Based on the novel of the same name, Cowboys for Christ is the tale of a young couple from Texas who travel to a small Scottish town. While there they try and convince the locals to adapt to their christian religion. After opening up their arms to the strangers the locals plan begins to become clear.

Themes of religion, sexuality and paganism will all be present once again. Not to mention that Hardy has once again gotten Christopher Lee on board which will make this even more similar to The Wicker Man. But producers CFC Films are quick to point out that this will not be a sequel but a companion piece to The Wicker Man.

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