Trailer for Greek Thriller: Tale 52

It's no secret around here that I personally enjoy a great psychological thriller as well as a great foreign horror film.  So when I find a trailer that incorporates both very well, you can bet I will be excited for it.  From TwitchFilm comes a trailer for a Greek film called Tale 52.  While I cant really think of any Greek films I have seen, Tale 52 by wrtier/director Alexis Alexiou really seems to fit well with it's tagline "Sometimes your mind is the most dangerous place to be." It looks like it is going to be one heck of a mindtrip and could prove to be one of the better foreign thrillers since Sheitan.

In Tale 52, after meeting at a dinner with friends, Iasonas and Penelope start a relationship. One day when Iasonas wakes up, Penelope has disappeared, but he is unable to reconstruct what has happened.... The disappearance of his recently conquered girlfriend drives rather shy Iasonas to despair and evokes confusing delusions in his already fragile mental makeup. A psychological thriller without redemption, with an outspoken visual language.

The official Tale 52 Site is up in both English and Greek.  It has a few photos, some cast & crew info as well as a longer plot synopsis than the one listed above that came from TwitchFilm. 

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