Release Date Shuffle: Hellraiser, Amusement


Amusement Movie DetailsRight after Comic-Con Amusement was looking really good. They had what was one of the most impressive set ups I have seen in quite some time. So of course the release has been something that everyone has been waiting for. According to Box Office Mojo we will be waiting a little longer. It has been pushed back from April 25th to September 12th.

Another flick that for one reason or another I am kind of looking forward to, is the Hellraiser remake. I know that the rule of thumb is that most remakes suck but I think Hellraiser could make for an interesting story if put in the hands of some different filmmakers working off of the original novel. Well now there is actually a solid date and unfortunately we might not see it til January 9th, 2009.

Now of course these dates could just change again because they already have a couple times. Be sure to keep it here for more news on these films.

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