Frontiere(s) Release Plans Announced


Of course it was announced quite some time ago that After Dark Films had acquired Xavier Gens Frontiere(s). As a matter of fact the film was going to be featured during Horrorfest 2007 but was later yanked. Well today they have revealed that they will be releasing the film theatrically on May 9th and then on DVD on May 13th by Lionsgate, through After Dark's output deal with the studio.

Set in France and revolving around Yasmine, her ex-boyfriend and his two friends the story begins when they become entrenched in the Paris riots. Together they have stolen a large sum of money so they head for the Danish border. On their way, they check into a motel where things appear to be too good to be true. They find that looks are deceiving as this motel rapidly turns into a house of horrors run by a Neo-Nazi family.

"Xavier created a film that's challenging and provocative, with an emotional impact that horror films don't always deliver," stated After Dark Films CEO Courtney Solomon. "Given this, we wanted to offer audiences the chance to see it, both communally on a large screen in the theater as well as in the comfort of their homes. We also wanted to present the film the way Xavier imagined it: uncut, unedited, and unaltered in any way to comply with a specific rating. This is a prime example of the type of film we will continue to deliver – a great horror flick that delves far deeper than most films of this genre."

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