George Romeros Land of the Dead aka Dead Reckoning

Those of you who are fans of Dawn of the Dead and have been patiently waiting for the remake will enjoy this news. I myself had somehow lost site that their was a Twilight of the Dead coming only it was called "Land of the Dead"  Kudos to nd the member "Bad Zombie Night" who pointed this out to me. Read on to learn more about Lands of the Dead and how you can help.

According to George Romero's statements at the 2003 Fright Fest at Station Scare (Pittsburgh, PA), the film is now being titled Land of the Dead. Fox Searchlight still has an agreement with Romero but there are still much to be worked out before the film is greenlit. Romero says that of his active projects, Land of the Dead is furthest from production. 

It looks like progress on the film has stalled once again. Fox may be wanting to push their own creative vision on the film. Fellow zombie fans go sign the petition to tell Fox to give Romero the greenlight to do it the way he wants to do it. The big news from this year's Fangoria Weekend of Horrors was George A. Romero's announcement that a fourth Living Dead film now looks likely, and could be distributed by 20th Century Fox. "I do have a script at Fox for a fourth zombie film, which looks like it's going to happen," Romero said Saturday, August 17 at the Fango conference at the Pasadena Center. He added that the film would likely be R-rated for its theatrical release, then make it to DVD in an unrated version. "They're basically going to let me make my film and cut it back for R-rated release." The film, currently titled Dead Reckoning, should be budgeted at about $10 million. "It's going to be the most expensive one," Romero said. Romero was the highlight of the biggest Weekend of Horrors in years.

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