Rob Zombie Conan Rumor is Crap?


Ok once again not horror news but its Rob Zombie so worth talking about. Earlier last week a rumor started on the internet which was confirmed by IGN that Rob Zombie was in talks to direct the upcoming Conan movie. Today from DarkHorizons comes word from the production team that its complete crap. They imply that Rob Zombie himself is planting the seed because he wants the job.

"People like Rob Zombie are planting their own rumors trying to get the job. This is ridiculous."

I think Rob Zombie directing the movie would be a good thing since Rob has alot of talent but why he would plant his name on a remake I am not sure. The source on the production team told Dark Horizons there is no director, there is no script and until there is a script there will be no director. Thanks to SkinCarver for the scoop you will be getting some ToeTags as a reward for this scoop.

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