Bone Dry International Trailer

Meh and I have previously filled you guys in on a film called Bone Dry. The first trailer for the film hit our site in early 2006 and I have been playing the waiting game ever since. Its already on DVD in the UK and Bone Dry will hit DVD shelves in the US on February 26th. I for one cant wait and a UK trailer I stumbled upon has me counting down the days. If you enjoy the trailer head over to Terrorfeed for more trailers and the cringing "cactus clip".

In Bone Dry, Eddie (Luke Goss) finds himself being forced at a gunpoint, by an unseen assailant, on a dark and brutal journey through the harsh terrain of the Mojave desert. His nemesis is Jimmy (Lance Henriksen), a man with an aberrant agenda; armed with a rifle, a scope, walkie-talkies and a truck, he has organized a series of ambushes and mantraps designed to push Eddie to the limits of his humanity and beyond. Find it on DVD February 26th!

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