Four ToeTag Contest Winners


Time to pick a few winners. I realize its not the end of the month but I have a TON of freebies up for grabs and wanted to make room for more Toe Tag prizes. For those new, Toe Tags are what you earn automatically when you write reviews, post on the forums, submit posters, etc. The four winners this time are listed below along with what you have won

  1. Black Death Damien : Won Storm Warning & Nightmare Detective on DVD
  2. Chainsaw80 : Won Storm Warning on DVD
  3. RIP : Won Storm Warning on DVD
  4. Jamhorner: Won Storm Warning on DVD

As winners all 4 have had their Toe Tags reset to 0. What this means is they are no longer on the leader board. Next time we pick some winners ( which wont be long ) the Top members will win equally cool loot. And of course since we reset your points when you win, you can win more then one time! Thanks for being a part of the site and enjoy your rewards. Next up we have a ton of dvds, some video games and more!

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