WIN Jessica Albas AWAKE DVD Contest


Earlier we shared with you the specs for Jessica Albas awake and now we are going to be giving away THREE copies on DVD for you lucky readers. To win this contest is easy. We will pick 2 winners from members who have 20 Toe Tags or more. Toe Tags are of course what you get from posting, submitting posters, writing reviews on your MorgueSpace, etc. 20 Toe tags is VERY easy to get so this contest is for those of you who have been on the site for less then 10 minutes, as well as our regulars! Questions, post a comment!

The movie stars hot momma-to-be Jessica Alba. Clay (Christensen) suffers “Anesthetic Awareness,” leaving him fully conscious during open heart surgery, but unable to alert the surgical team surrounding him.  As various obstacles present themselves, his wife Sam (Alba) must make life-altering decisions while he faces a far greater pain. 

DVD Special Features:

  • Feature Commentary With Writer/Director Steven C. Miller And Producers William Clevinger And Mark Thalman
  • Trials And Tribulations: The Making Of Automaton Transfusion
  • Deleted Scenes (with optional Director's commentary)
  • Suffer Or Sacrifice: A Short Film By Director Steven C. Miller
  • "Can You Hear Me Now" Music Video By Blinded Black
  • "Arsenaholic" Music Video By Dancefloor Tragedy
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