Fear The Directors!

The first grouping of directors for the upcoming anthology series Fear Itself, which is due to premier on NBC, has been announced. If some of you might remember, series creator Mick Garris had to leave the show due to the strike, however with the WGA strike over (yes, its officially over my friends) I hope he can return. However, these are the folks we got. Bloody-Disgusting got the list on the first seven directors for the series. Spare for two, all are Masters of the genre in one way or another.

  • Stuart Gordon: Re-Animator, From Beyond, Black Cat
  • John Carpenter: Halloween, The Thing, Christine
  • Brad Anderson: Session 9, The Machinist, Sounds Like
  • Mary Harron: American Psycho
  • Ronny Yu: Freddy vs Jason, Bride of Chucky
  • Ernest Dickerson: Demon Knight, Bones, The V Word
  • Breck Eisner: Sahara, The Crazies (upcoming remake)

Now, I just gotta wonder, how da hell did Breck Eisner get a slot directing for Fear Itself? The man has only one $150million dollar film under his belt (he has been attached to the remake of Creature From The Black Lagoon for a few years now) and compared to the book, Sahara sucks. Dunno if he can pull of a horror show, then again Eisner might prove me wrong and turn out a pretty good episode. Which would give me some more confidence in him for The Crazies. Ronny Yu is also an interesting choice, though FvJ and Bride of Chucky aren't masterpieces by anyone's standards, they at least offer up some fun times and give Yu the right script, think he can make something interesting.

Glad to see Mary Harron, American Psycho is one hell of a f---ed up movie and I got high hopes for her. Hopefully the list will expand shortly, so far spare for Eisner, I got a lot of confidence right now about the show.  Fear Itself is due to air this summer on NBC.

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