Boll's Back! Tunnel Rats Trailer

Alright we told you Uwe Boll was leaving the film making business.  Alright not so much leaving the business as he was having a tough time finding anyone to fund his films.  Before this dream becomes a reality, we must endure his films that are still left to be released.  One of these films is titled Tunnel Rat and which claims to be Boll's first American film not based on a video game.  Love him or hate him, I think you should give this trailer a look.  I am almost intrigued to see what he can do with a non-video game based movie.  The clip right at the end of the trailer, while nothing new, was pretty sweet. It doesnt appear to be much of a horror but more a war drama, but it still seems filled with gore.  But besides, some would say watching a Boll film is always pure horror! Check out the trailer for Tunnel Rats below from YouTube.

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