Hicks Road: Origins and Trailer


Scary stories you hear in real life are something that have always intrigued me because you never know what to believe or what not to believe.  Stories can range from extremely implausible to realistically scary.  So what happens when a true life frightening legend is used for the basis of a horror movie?  We'll find out with first time filmmaker Julian Flores' film Hicks Road.

Hicks Road Director Julian Flores, who I recently spoke to about his film, was inspired to make this film based on real scary stories he heard while growing up in California.  The stories revolved around Hicks Road in San Jose and strange disappearances there late at night.  Many of these legends revolved around a group/family of albino cannibalists that come after people who stop their cars on Hicks Road.  These stories have spread throughout San Jose area and there seems to be many people with similar stories. 

Julian found these tales to be a great basis for a horror movie and wanted to make the Hicks Road stories a reality.  He decided to make the film about a group of friends who head up Hicks Road one night to investigte whether these stories they heard are true or not. Unfortunately what they find on Hicks Road will change their lives forever. 

After six years of hard work, Silent Eye Productions will be releasing Hicks Road in 2008.  I suggest checking out their myspace page for more information on the film and the legend of Hicks Road or even read about it over at unexplained-mysteries.com. The first full trailer was just released through the Hicks Road Myspace page and can be seen for your enjoyment below.  

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