The Signal Review


We sent The Dude to an early screening of The Signal and he just now got to sending in his review. With so many remakes and lame ass horror movies that are getting made lately it seems that we can finally get to see something well worth checking out. The Dude says quote;

You say you like movies? Really like movies? But then you go off and view stuff that passes for movies, simply because they had a camera, and the pictures talk and move. Well, I've got a movie for you that will restore your hope in filmmaking. It's called The Signal, and it's gonna knock your socks off.

Go read his entire The Signal Review. Also do not forget that the studio has provided us with two collectors posters for The Signal signed by the cast. The two winners of this contest will be chosen from members of the site who have more then 100 Toe Tag points. Toe Tags are earned by posting on the boards, writing your own horror reviews, submitting posters, etc. In a nut shell from participating in the community. This is not a news site afterall, more then anything we are a family of horror fans!. Any questions leave comments. When we pick the winners it will be randomly from those of you with 100 points or more. Easily attained points we might add! And remember there are a ton of other toe tag contests on the go as well.

The basic premise is very similar to Stephen Kings Cell in that when people hear a signal that is going through radio, TV and all other forms of media, they go crazy. Look for this one to hit theaters in a limited run today. If you do see it and submit a review we will give you 50 toe tags for your trouble. Good towards this contest and many others.

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