Deadpool movie still a possibility

woBlade: Trinity star Ryan Reynolds has been rumored to play the vigilante hero Deadpool for quite sometime. Recently they seemed to have shut down all possibility for the film. Well not anymore. Reynolds made the following post at the Blade Trinity message board.

I want to make [Deadpool] - but it would have to be a hard "R" rating and possess a large budget. not the least of which, they'd need an experienced film maker willing to nurture it every step of the way. that's a combination that studios don't just jump all over.

however, there's not many comic book films (other than BLADE and i guess Punisher) that are willing to go rated R. so, do i think there's room in the market for a grotesquely scarred, morally flexible mercinary with a penchant for wise cracks and hyper-violence? yup.

Looks like their is still hope for us Deadpool fanatics.

Source: Blade Trinity Message Board

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