Win WrestleManiac on DVD Contest


On March 11th Wrestlemaniac is going to explode onto DVD and we are giving away a free copy because its what we do best around here. Giving away lots of good stuff! Ok well that and making margaritas. We make a great margarita to. You can check out my early review for the film right here. The story goes like this;

An amateur porn film crew traveling through Mexico takes a wrong turn in the middle of nowhere, ending up in the near-ghost town of La Sangre De Dios (Blood of God). Locals claim that the deranged wrestler ‘El Mascarado’ (Misterio), though long dead, returns to rip the faces off his victims. One by one, the cast and crew are snatched, beaten and dragged to a bloody death. The few left alive must figure out how to beat El Masacardo at his own game, or die trying. Ladies and gentlemen -- the ultimate death match is about to commence!

Special Features include:

  • Audio commentary with Co-Executive Producer/Writer/Editor/Director Jesse Baget, Director of Photography Tabbert Fiiller and Actor Adam Huss
  • Wrestling the Maniac: Behind-The-Scenes of Wrestlemaniac
  • Trailer

To enter this contest send an email to with the subject WRESTLEMANIAC and include your name/age/address and USERNAME off the boards. New members are always welcome but yes we will check. We will then pick a winner and announce them here.

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