American Zombie Poster


Its been what feels like forever since we first told you about the upcoming film called American Zombie. Think FIDO, only a documentary following the lives of people. Well ok a mocumentary since zombies are not real, right... right??? Anyrate checkout the bad ass new poster below that the filmmakers just sent us.

Filmmakers Grace Lee (The Grace Lee Project) and John Solomon (Nonsense Man) team up to shoot a documentary about high-functioning zombies living in Los Angeles and their struggles to gain acceptance in human society. Despite their wildly different working styles, the two manage to chronicle the hopes and dreams of four fascinating subjects: IVAN, a convenience-store clerk who longs for a career in publishing; LISA, a florist trying to recover her lost memories; JUDY, a hopeless romantic who learns to accept her true nature; and JOEL, a committed political activist striving for zombie rights. But as the film culminates in a three-day, zombies-only retreat called Live Dead, the filmmakers are forced to reevaluate their ideas about tolerance, identity politics, and the future of the human race. You can get the poster as a wallpaper right here and can watch the trailer right here

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