Terminator 4 Gets a Release Date


According to Variety ( thanks to Gabs for the heads up ) we wont have to wait long for some new Terminator action. Terminator Salvation will hit theatres May 22nd, 2009. Terminator 4 is shooting in April in Budapest according to 'J' who emailed us sometime back. McG with his top liner Christian Bale ( rumored ) will be bringing new life to the Terminator Franchise. Today SkinCarver emailed to let us know that Chud has the inside scoop on who the main characters in the upcoming movie will be.

It seems according to them that yes John Conner will be a minor role and instead the main character will be somebody named Marcus who is not cast yet. I an confirm from my studio insiders that he is not cast yet. Anyrate the character of Marcus is compared to a Riddick character. He is in a coma and wakes up 15 years into the war between the machines and mankind and in a nut shell he kicks alot of ass and takes alot of names. CHUD re-affirms what we were told by 'J' that the carnage and scale of the war in Terminator 4 will be mind blowing. Needless to say kids Terminator Salvation should kick some serious ass!

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