New Day Dream Films Horror Line Up


New Daydream Films (NDF), an independent film company out of Charlotte, North Carolina, has big plans for their company. They are currently in the process of developing a three-year film slate comprised of cutting edge films from all genres. NDF partner Richard Clark Jr. says, “We are currently in the process of developing a slate of great projects. Without any concentration on genres, our main goal is to make films that people want to see. Films that I would be proud of making myself. “

First in line for NDF is their much anticipated horror film Grinder.  The company hopes to have this picture completed by the end of spring 2008. Along with Grinder are three other films that the company has been developing.  The Trail, Patient 27, Foresight, and New Water are projects that deserve to be seen, and we are going to make sure that happens”, says Clark.

NDF recently added the following films to their already stellar slate.

The Guilty Kinsman is about a successful defense attorney, Grant Shepard, who must defend his racist brother accused of brutally murdering a young African-American girl. Wanting to make great cinema for the religious audience, The Disciple follows a mysterious man who arrives in a sin-consumed town claiming to be a disciple of God. Cold Call is a Hitchcock type thrill about a psychopathic telemarketer who preys on a windowed woman and her two daughters in a small North Carolina beach town. In 12, a lunatic copycat hell-bent on getting revenge for the execution of his favorite serial killer stalks a small southern town brutally slaying the twelve jurors that put his idol to death. The screenplay was written by Clark and will be directed by first time director Drew Hunt.

In the latter part of the slate NDF will unveil is a pair of political dramas. Water takes us to the year 2028 as the world’s water supply has diminished. A husband and father of two, willing to sacrifice everything must find a way to get water for their family so they have a chance to survive in the seemingly post-apocalyptic world.  In Climate Control it’s made clear how the government of the United States of America controls our life in many ways, but ideas of controlling the weather hasn't been anything more than an afterthought. Until now…

NDF recently optioned two screenplays. NDF plans to have both Pinky Promise and Accidentally Yours produced within their 08-09 film slate. Pinky Promise was written by Texas scrib Mark Davidson and Accidentally Yours was penned by New York writer Michael Wesley.

Pinky Promise is a mix between Larry Clark’s Kids and the Coen’s Fargo. It’s very cutting edge.  The film is about a young promiscuous teacher in Texas. There is a reason Ms. Beasley’s class is so popular. She’s teaching the sort of subject matter all young men crave. When the new kid threatens to tattle on the golden goose, extreme measures are taken to ensure his silence.

Accidentally Yours is about a businessman having an affair with his best friend’s wife.  He attempts to avoid detection, and manage his conscience, after accidentally killing his best friend’s teenage daughter. It is a human nature piece that will play very well with audiences. It makes you ask yourself, what would I do?

“The talent level that is showing interest in our projects is just mind blowing.  We are very excited to be a part of all of these great projects”, says NDF partner Brian Conlon. ( Tks to Wolph for the heads up on this news item )

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