Night of the Demons Remake Coming


Kevin Tenney has always been one of my favorite filmmakers because of his great flicks from the 80s. He really knew how to capture the perfect "party" horror movies. Among those was his classic Night of the Demons starring Linnea Quigley. Today a shocking announcement has been made about where the franchise will be going.

Shock has learned that Prodigy Entertainment is moving forward with a remake. They have tapped writers Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson (Mother of Tears) to pen an update. Tenney will be on board as a Producer. Giersach will also direct after he is finished working on Autopsy.

Giersach told site, ""['Demons'] is a modern take but Angela is still in it. It's got blood, guts, Halloween, breasts, kids, demons and everything else that makes life worth living." What else could you ask for?

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