Slime City Two Artwork


Just got word and a poster on a new flick called Slime City Massacre. SLIME CITY MASSACRE is a sequel to Lamberson's micro-budget SLIME CITY, currently celebrating its 20th anniversary with a soundtrack CD and film festival screenings. "SLIME CITY MASSACRE is a celebration of the whole '80s era of latex filmmaking, not just a sequel to my film. He tells us in an email from our friend Wil at HorrorYearBook;

I'm writing the screenplay now, and I already have one investor lined up. Robert Sabin and Mary Huner will be back in supporting roles, and I'm writing the lead for Erika Smith, who's expressed interest, and a number of other roles for fan favorites. This will be a down and dirty film, just like the original, only with a lot of surprises. If for some reason DEADLY RITES falls through, we'll shoot SLIME CITY MASSACRE this summer. If DEADLY RITES happens, we'll shoot SLIME CITY MASSACRE in November, when a lot of the actors' schedules will clear up. Everything's a crap shoot, but circumstances look positive for both of these."

WE will keep you informed of updates! Sounds interesting and the poster art below is far from boring and also is totally NSFW

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