Winners: Signal Autographed Posters


Hot off the heels of giving away another 5 Gift Sets of DVD's we figured what the hell lets make it a HUGE week and give away two more items. This go around we have two winners of collectors posters for The Signal signed by the cast. This contest all you had to do was have more then 100 Toe Tags which as you know are earned by posting on the boards, writing reviews, etc. Who won? The two winners are Mirthquake and Survivalist. Thanks to all of you who seriously make my day by reading the site, telling your friends and helping us grow our community of like minded horror fiends. It is alot of fun to thank you guys with these contests. Look for your posters in the mail VERY soon.

The basic premise of the movie is very similar to Stephen Kings Cell in that when people hear a signal that is going through radio, TV and all other forms of media, they go crazy. Look for this one to hit theaters in a limited run on February 22nd, 2008. It promises to be spooky and delicious... just like this contest!

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