Mischa Barton's HomeComing Trailer


From GermBoy comes the trailer for HomeComing starring Mischa Barton. In the film a man returns to his small town with his new girlfriend and basically all hell breaks loose when his High School Sweet heart decides that if she cant have him.. nobody can. Killing and mayhem ensue. The production company calls it 'Misery for a new generation'. Mischa Barton and Matthew Long star and Morgan Freeman will direct. As a side note this is the same studio that is doing Romero's Diary films.

Update: The studio emailed as did the producer to let us know the trailer is NOT the trailer at all but leaked rough footage. We have removed the link to the trailer at their request. They do not want you to think the leaked trailer is an indicator of the final film or trailer, and I am sure we can all respect that.

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