The Pang Brothers make their U.S. Debut!

Yes, it is true. The Pang Brothers who are responsible for The Eye, The Eye 2, the upcoming Recycle, are coming to America to direct their first English language film, Scarecrow. The produers for the film got me even more excited about this project, Bluestar Pictures and Ghost House Pictures! Ghost House Pictures is the company ran by Sam Raimi who brought Takashi Shimizu to the states to direct "The Grudge".

Written by Stuart Beattie ("Collateral") from an original script by Todd Farmer, "Scarecrow" is a horror tale that follows the lives of a family moving into a run-down sunflower farm. As the farm begins to revive after years of disrepair, the family begins to notice uncomfortable and alarming changes in their father's behavior. The film is set to begin shooting in Spring.

Sam Raimi even had some things to say about the Pang brothers coming to the U.S.

"I'm thrilled that the Pang brothers have agreed to direct 'Scarecrow,' " Raimi said. "I've been a big fan ever since 'The Eye.' Danny and Oxide have an exciting and unique vision and are at the forefront of the neo-horror movement in Asian filmmaking."

Source: Hollywood Reporter 


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