The Thing Prop on EBAY


You gotta love the stuff that shows up on Ebay. Mirthquake pointed out to me that a very cool prop from John Carpenteres The Thing is up for auction. The auctionh has the following description;

You are bidding on an original screen used prop from John Carpenter's 1982 masterpiece, "The Thing" starring Kurt Russell. Although largely derided upon its release, "The Thing" is now recognized as one of the great achievements in horror/sci-fi film history. The film's effects, created by FX wizard Rob Bottin, set a standard that has yet to be matched to this day and original props from Bottin's shop are extremely rare as most of the pieces were destroyed by fire on camera.  The creature prop that you are bidding on was used during the film's infamous "blood test" sequence where Kurt Russell's character, McReady, has captured the members of his outpost in order to see who is actually , "The Thing".  This is the creature that pops out of the petri dish. The prop was originally obtained from Henry Alvarez, Bottin's lead sculptor on The Thing and many other projects. It is 7 in wide and 5 in high and comes on a display in a glass case. The Thing stands beside Ridley Scott's "Alien" as the ultimate creature films of all time so don't miss this once in a lifetime chance to own a true relic of monster movie history. 

Feel free to go buy it for me on ebay :) Go here

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