25 NetFlix Accounts up for Grabs Contest


We have 25 Net Flix Accounts good for 6months of free Net Flix up for grabs. So now you can partake in your favorite horror for free. In order to participate in this contest as usual you must be an active member of our community. To enter send an email to contests@horror-movies.ca make the subject 'NetFlix Terror' with your username on the boards, name age and mailing address and we will then pick 25 winners. Because NetFlix is only available this contest is only open to our American readers but if your Canadian and want it for a friend enter away! We do not mind!

NETFLIX the sponsor of this contest is featuring exclusive video content with Jiminy Glick (aka Martin Short) and some of the top names in Hollywood including Ellen Page (Juno), Steve Buscemi (Fargo), Rainn Wilson (The Office), Dennis Hopper (Blue Velvet, Speed), Jason Reitman (Director), John Waters (Director), Matt Dillon (Crash) and others for 12 videos of exclusive content produced by NETFLIX on the Red Carpet at this year’s Spirit Awards. Check out the videos here and if you like subscribe to the channel. 

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