Automaton Transfusion Whats up with the Film?


First off congrats to JMH314, Shakingman and Demon2some who won Automaton Transfusion on DVD. It is going to ship soon, was supposed to be today but I got snowed in. And all of us who went to journalism school know, when it snows you dont ship prizing. Seriously.. Goon told me that. He pretends he went to school... me I dont even pretend.

But more to the point I wanted to talk Automaton Transfusion for a second. Two points. First point, AWESOME movie. Getting rave reviews from all of you and deservingly so. Second point. Whats up with the jerky, catching video throughout? Am I alone in saying it feels like the film was shot on video, taken into an editing suite and then had some jerky film grain applied to it?

I loved the movie, its witty, it moves along with good pace but the jerky grainy camera made my head hurt. I wanted to give you all a minute to sound back at me. Seen it? Is it just me? Checkout a bunch of VERY positive reviews for the film below, feel free to write your own review and earn some points towards our contests and leave some comments. Without question Automaton Transfusion is a kick ass film but boy was that 'catching video' hard on my melon.

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