New Photos From Parts Unknown


Strongman Pictures, photography for the feature film FROM PARTS UNKNOWN wrapped on Sunday March 2nd and they have supplied us with a bunch of new photos for the film that show alot of promise.

"We are both relieved and excited to have finished shooting", says Daniel Armstrong (Director & Co-Producer FROM PARTS UNKNOWN). "It's been a long, hard project so far, and everyone sweated blood to make it happen. A well earned rest is in order for the cast and crew as we move into post production and the sales process".

Production demands included the transformation of a derelict warehouse with no power into an underground military base and a high tech video game testing facility, weeks of professional wrestling training for cast, approximately 60 litres of home brand chocolate sauce used as the base for blood mixture, the building of a 16 foot jib, 16 sets of red eye contact lenses, one silicon arm and two severed heads.

FROM PARTS UNKNOWN marks the acting debut of Jenna Dwyer in the lead role of CHARLIE, a female wrestler who just wants to get on with her life but finds herself embroiled in an epic battle to save the world. Jenna first appeared in front of the camera as a top 50 finalist in the TV series Australian Idol, and as well as pursuing an acting career she is currently recording her debut album with song-writer & producer Marc Collis.

The film co-stars Ross Ditcham in the role of FRANK, a character Ross chose to style upon the director of FROM PARTS UNKNOWN, growing out his hair and side burns to mimic Armstrong's look. Ross's previous work includes playing the lead role in a recent film adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel THE BEAUTIFUL & DAMNED. Josh Futcher plays the role of MISCHA, an IT professional who has delusions of heroism, and Elke Osadnik plays the role of the evil corporate psychopath ROZ.

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