Guard Post 506 Trailer: Korean Military Horror


I know there are many people here that are familiar with the Korean military horror film R-Point.  You can check out my thoughts on the film with my R-Point review.  The Writer/Director of R-Point was Su-chang Kong, and he is back with another Korean military horror film Guard Point 506.  TwitchFilm recently got their hands on the trailer for Su-chang Kong's Guard Point 506 and I must say it looks very promising.  It appears to be much more action oriented which I think is something R-Point was lacking. Take a look at the trailer from TwitchFilm below and see what you think.

The plot of Guard Point 506 revolves around an entire squad of soldiers have been killed in mysterious circumstances.  They were all killed except for one soldier who surives but is in a coma.  Military Investigators are dispatched to the base where the soldiers were and discover they're dealing with a virus that turns humans into ravenous flesh-eating killers.  

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