Dance of the Dead Poster & Synopsis


Well boys and girls it's time to pull out your formal wear and go back to your high school prom.  Remember all the good times?  Your hot date, the stretch limo ride, the spiked punch, the zombies.....ok so our proms didnt have Zombies but how kick ass would it of been if they did?  Director Gregg Bishop tackles this issue with the film Dance of the Dead.  It made it's World Premeire last night at South by Southwest's film fest and I've been reading nothing but great things all around the web.  Since we didnt have any info for this film yet I figured I would go ahead and throw up the poster from Dance of the Dead's Official Myspace Site.  The poster is pretty sweet, and if you click the link to their Myspace they have some good production photos too. Dance of the Dead is Directed by Gregg Bishop who's previous horror effort was the relatively unknown The Other Side which is quite a cool film itself. I personally am looking forward to this one now!

Dance of the Dead's takes place on the night of the big high school prom. The dead rise to eat the living and the only people who can stop them are the losers who didnt get dates to the dance.  


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