Terminator 4 Title Dropped


According to CS Terminator Salvation has been dropped. Now that you are all in a huge panic let me just clarify that the title is what has been dropped. CS is reporting that the Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins is now just Terminator 4. Frankly the title was to damn long and it doesnt bother me at all that they are changing it.

Terminator 4 will hit theatres May 22nd, 2009. John Conner will be a minor role and instead the main character will be somebody named Marcus who is not cast yet. I an confirm from my studio insiders that he is not cast yet. Anyrate the character of Marcus is compared to a Riddick character. He is in a coma and wakes up 15 years into the war between the machines and mankind and in a nut shell he kicks alot of ass and takes alot of names. CHUD re-affirms what we were told by 'J' that the carnage and scale of the war in Terminator 4 will be mind blowing. Needless to say kids Terminator Salvation should kick some serious ass!

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