First Look: Timber Falls


From the filmmakers we have your first look at Timber Falls. Directed by Tony Giglio (Chaos) and starring Josh Randall (One Of Our Own), up-and-coming actress Brianna Brown (Knocked Up; The 40 Year Old Virgin) and Beth Broderick (Lost; Sabrina, The Teenage Witch), TIMBER FALLS does for camping and hiking in West Virginia what Hostel did for backpacking in Slovakia.

The latest addition to the increasingly popular "survival horror" genre, Giglio's film delivers all the shocks, violence, gore and nail-biting tension that any horror fan could ever want.

On a weekend hiking and camping trip in the rugged, wooded mountains of West Virginia, Mike (Randall) and girlfriend Sheryl (Brown) are looking forward to a peaceful break from city life with nothing troubling them except for maybe the odd mosquito. But the holiday immediately gets off to an unpleasant start when they experience a minor run-in with a trio of local rednecks.

The next morning, after a quiet night's camping in the woods, Mike awakes to discover Sheryl missing. Convinced the rednecks are behind her disappearance, he heads off to search for her, eventually ending up at the cabin of a God-fearing woman who offers to help. Unfortunately, the kind of help she is offering isn't exactly what Mike was hoping for.

Searching the cabin, he finds Sheryl bound to a table in the cellar, the walls lined with candles, crucifixes and foetus-filled jars. It appears that whoever was responsible for taking Sheryl has some very unpleasant plans for the unmarried, fornicating sinners who have wandered into their midst.

A gruesome shocker in the tradition of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes and Wrong Turn, TIMBER FALLS manages to rise above the level of the average "survival horror" movie thanks to great production values and exceptionally convincing performances from the lead actors.

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