Steve Niles Dead She Said Comic


From ReelComix comes word on the new Steve Niles Comic Dead She Said. Legendary comic book artist Bernie Wrightson inks his own work for the first time in more than two decades! And joining Wrightson on this noir horror tale is the writer who has revitalized both genres in comics, Steve Niles.

Detective Coogan knows well that there are some pretty shady freaks out there in the big city‚Ķ but he doesn’t know that some of those freaks ain’t human. He learns it the hard way, and ends up on the wrong side of a bullet, all in the first issue of this new series that mixes horror and noir into a tightly wound nightmare of twists and turns. The comic will be released in May! The artwork can be seen here: Dead She Said Art Interesting NON horror note, Steve Niles is taking on BATMAN.. now hows that for bad ass? Read here

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