Horrorfest DVD's Super Sale!!!!!


Alright boys and girls, the time has come for 2007's "8 Films to Die For" to be released on DVD as they all go on sale tomorrow (3/18/08). Now with a wide selection of titles to choose from, there is bound to be something for everyone with these DVD's so why not get a few titles and save a little cash?

This week, Best Buy is having a MASSIVE Afte rDark Horrorfest DVD sale. These titles are listed as $14.99 each, but Best Buy also has a deal where you can get 2 for $25 dollars. If that isnt good enough for you, you can get 8 DVD's for the low price of $70! You know why this is such a good deal? It's because the 8 DVD boxed set is listed at a selling price of $139.99, so you can spend that much on the boxed set or pay half that and buy them individually instead!

The madness doesn't stop there! This DVD sale isn't just for 2007's After Dark Horrorfest movies, it includes All of 2006's films too! Best Buy's sale advertisement says there are 16 titles to choose from on the sale, so one would assume this means all of last years films as well. I say "assume" because when you go to Best Buy's site and try to see the 16 titles, it only shows you 10 of them. One was The Abandoned which was part of 2006's fest and one of them was Skinwalkers which wasn't part of the 2006 Fest but is an AfterDark film. So it MAY include all of 2006's films, or it may be some of the 2006 films with one or two left out. But either way you should still have a great selection at one hell of a price!

If by some chance all of the 2006 films arent included in the sale at Best Buy, or you you dont have enough appeal in 8 films to make the BB deal worthwhile, then just head on over to Circuit City as they have 7 of last years films on sale for $3.99 a piece this week! The only one not on sale from 2006's fest for $3.99 at CC is The Abandoned.

If you havent checked out any of 2006's "8 Films to Die For" or 2007's "8 Films to Die For" then this is your perfect opportunity to dive right in and get moving! With 2 years of the fest having put out 16 titles, there is BOUND to be something you will enjoy if you enjoy horror at all. Get out there and give them a chance!
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